Merchant FAQ's  
Who does partner with? only partners with online retailers who offer good customer service to shoppers. We reserve the right to cancel the participation of an online retailer where we find that good customer service is not being provided. Our requirements include (but are not limited to): * A customer service phone number that can be published on our site that is answered in a professional manner. * Good product pictures. * Good product descriptions. * Product prices clearly presented in US dollars. * Use of a shopping cart. Exceptions for single product websites can be made. * Be able to securely accept credit cards online. * Commitment to providing quality customer service. Currently, we do not accept: * eBay stores * SMC's - Specialty Merchandise Corporation cookie cutter websites * Affiliate marketers * 3rd party remarketers (such as Avon, Tupperware, etc.) with independent sales agents or consultants  
What is the price to be included on delivers shoppers to your website on a Pay-Per-Click payment system. Therefore, you only pay us for the actual traffic that we deliver to your website. To get started, you can use a credit card to fund your initial balance. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. The amount of money you fund your account with determines the amount you pay for each click-through you receive from As we deliver traffic to your website, we deduct the amount for that click-through from your account balance. When your account balance approaches $0.00, you will receive an automated email from us to let you know that your account balance is almost depleted. At that time, you can replenish your account balance to renew and keep your listings active. Or, you can choose to not add additional funds. When your funds are completely depleted your listings will automatically be removed from and you will have no further obligation.  
What category will my product be placed in? 
Merchants can determine what category that they would like their products displayed in. However, if finds that a product is misrepresented or listed in an inappropriate category, it will be recommended that the merchant change the product's listing category.  
How will I know exactly how much traffic comes from will provide monthly reports of the amount of traffic that was derived from our site. However, it is recommended that each merchant utilizes available tracking tools for their own record keeping. (Google Analytics is highly recommended) 
How do I partner with 
To partner with, simply create an account in the Merchant Center. Upon creating an account, will contact you in order to validate your account. A deposit is required before you can begin listing your gift items. Once you make your deposit and approves your account, you can get started and begin posting gifts on our site.  
How do I put my products on 
After your account gets approved, you can add products through the Merchant Center. Simply click "Manage Products" and add a gift.  
What types of products are not accepted on reserves the right to decline listing any product for any reason. Products listed on need to include a link to the product detail page for that item on your website. Once a consumer finds an item on our site that they like, we need to be able to take them directly to the page within your website where that item is shown so they don't have to search for it again. The following are products that are not allowed on our site: * Products that display nudity on the product page on the merchant's website. * Products that are overtly sexually graphic. * Products that contain actual tobacco, such as cigars (humidors, cigar cutters, lighters, etc. are acceptable). * Products that propagate a message of hate. * Products that can harm someone.  
Does accept product duplicates? 
No. There must be a recognizable differentiation in order for us to accept that product. 
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